Papillon Rouge ALKEMIST 1758 perfume


Unisex perfume named after an European butterfly discovered in 1758.

The shamanic nature of this butterfly is expressed in this fragrance just like a potion, through the perfect fusion of the violet sweetness, together with the exotic spicy élemi tonality and a drop of vetiver to wrap it up. What else is there inside? Let the mystery of Alkemist 1758 take you on a magical journey and find out.

A warm and beautifully mystical fragrance with a unique signature. 

Top notes: Elemi, Petitgrain

Heart notes: Violet, Cistus

Base notes: Vetiver, Styrax

Available in 30 mL, 50 mL and 100 mL sprays and presented inside a luxurious box surrounded by red.


Made in France.

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